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Hello, I am Dr. Shahar Kenin and I have been a chiropractor since 1999. I graduated from the National University of Health Sciences in Chicago, IL. As a student I was involved in veriaty of anatomy research projects and published a few regarding the spine. After graduation I was teaching anatomy at the Northwestern University and the UIC medical schools in Chicago. From 2000-till today I serve as an anatomist and a researcher in the field of spinal anatomy at the Sackler School of Medicine, Tel-Aviv University.

Services I offer you:

 Shahar Kenin Gentle, effective chiropractic treatment for all ages

 Shahar Kenin Time conscious scheduling (Your time is valuable)

 Shahar Kenin Health Care without the use of drugs or surgery

 Shahar Kenin Always a friendly smile

I treat neuromuscular and skeletal disorders. These problem stem from cumulative trauma, sports injuries, auto accidents and the activities of daily living (sitting at a desk, computer use, reaching forward, riding in a car, flying, lifting heavy objects, etc.).


How am I different from other Israeli Chiropractors?

I specialize in providing comprehensive rehabilitative care by utilizing a wide range of adjusting techniques, nutrition counseling, physical therapy, and therapeutic exercise. I focus on finding the cause of your pain and then treating the cause. I believe in beginning treatment with the most conservative approach first, for example starting with non-invasive manipulation and exercise, and working up to more aggressive treatment only if and when required. When referrals are required, I have strong working relationships with other specialists (family practice, surgeon, etc.). Whatever problem you have, I can help your find the right medical resource.

How can I help you today?

Are you suffering with neck, shoulder, back, arm or leg pain? Do you endure the agony of migraines? Do you have whiplash, a repetitive motion disorder, muscle spasms, or a work injury? I can treat these problems and many others as varied as sports injuries or ear infections. 

You may call us:

03-6412191 to reach the Tel-Aviv clinic 

09-7454903 to reach Hod-Hasharon clinic

to make an appointment for an initial exam.


All the best,

Shahar Kenin DC, PhD.


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